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Non-Executive Director

I take the role of non-executive director very seriously and embrace the key areas which are:

  • Helping to provide entrepreneurial leadership
  • Constructively challenging and helping develop strategy
  • Scrutinising the performance of management in meeting agreed goals and objectives
  • Helping to set the company’s values, standards and culture
  • Ensuring that the necessary financial and human resources and control systems are in place
  • Determining appropriate levels of remuneration of executive directors
  • Having a prime role in appointing and, where necessary, removing senior management and in succession planning
  • Insisting on receiving high-quality information sufficiently in advance of board meetings
  • Monitor the reporting of performance
  • Ensuring obligations to shareholders and others are understood and met

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“As our NED, Barbara has provided us with constructive support to produce a workable and cohesive strategy. This has been achieved by having a good appreciation of where the business is, both in its governance and its day to day achievements; then bringing to bear on it an interested but dispassionate viewpoint. Her experience in both the corporate world and in running her own business has meant that her advice is based on reality and not just on theory. Her strong links to useful outside links have proved invaluable in helping us to achieve the growth that we have set ourselves. Barbara is brave and challenges executives in regard to their performance in meeting agreed targets and goals. She is very much a people person and whilst being direct is able to maintain good relations with all those that she deals with. As MD, I have proved her advice and encouragement to be invaluable.”